Packing for a Helicopter Flight

Packing for a Helicopter Flight

How to pack for a helicopter flight

The weight limit is 100lbs per person including skis.                                                                      

When packing please remember that bulk is as much of an issue as weight for the helicopter transfer. Large boxes or bags are difficult to efficiently load in the helicopter – smaller ones are better.       

Hockey-sized duffle bags are not recommended. Keep duffle bags as small as possible. It is far better to use 2 small bags than a single huge one.                                                                      

Use cardboard boxes to pack food, not plastic coolers. It is best to use a mix of liquor store and banana boxes. Just remember to tape a chunk of cardboard in the lid of the banana box so items won’t fall out. Both types of boxes WILL be put on their sides for the freight flights, so securely tape them shut. No box should be bigger than a banana box (20x16x12 inches).          

12 or 24 beer can boxes are a good size, but the box ends are weak. Just one wrap of packing tape around the ends will make a big difference.   

Also, the heli pad can be quite far from the hut. Keep this in mind when you pack and avoid overly heavy bags and boxes.

When you arrive at the hut please don’t rip up boxes – we will use them to pack out garbage and recycling.

Clearly label items with ACC Okanagan, your name and contents (you don’t want your items to fly back to the staging area by mistake).                                                                                        

Strap skis and poles together. Sharp items like ice axes and crampons must go in the ski basket.

Please make sure that everything is secure. Loose or very lightweight items can blow away. You should dress like you are ready to ski including your ski boots, helmet and goggles. This helps ascertain that you have all your ski clothes. Helmets can be difficult to pack in the helicopter and you will be happy to be wearing your goggles when the helicopters lands and takes off.