Fairy Meadow

Bill Putnam (Fairy Meadow) Hut

Fairy Meadow (Bill Putnam Hut) – Advanced to expert ski touring

The possible tours from the hut are numerous and include everything from tree skiing and quick moraine runs close to the hut to tours over glaciers, passes and around stunning peaks.

Plan to stay in Golden the night before departure.                                                               

The meet up for the transfer to Fairy Meadow is at 11 am MOUNTAIN TIME (10 am PACIFIC TIME) on Saturday February 15th at Sorcerer Lodge Heliport near Heather Mountain Lodge off Hwy #1, 54 kms West of Golden.                                                                                                       

Coming from Golden, turn right off the highway at the Heather Mountain Lodge sign and immediately right again (away from the hotel). Go 800 metres down Rogers Road – towards the Rogers Pass Pusher Station and you will see parking on your right. The Helipad is on the left just up the hill. ACC staff will be there to meet you.                                                                      

Please note that the transfer will require multiple helicopter flights (about 1 hour round trip time) so expect to spend several hours at the heliport even if there are no weather issues.            

There is a Yurt for shelter and an outhouse which may or may not be furnished with toilet paper and may or may not be partially buried in snow.                                                                   

Information about the hut: https://www.alpineclubofcanada.ca/web/ACCMember/Huts/Fairy_Meadow_Bill_Putnam_Hut.aspx

The kitchen is equipped with 2 double sinks and two ovens. The kitchen is well equipped except for sharp knives.                                                        

There are barrels outside the hut by the front door to store frozen food.                            

There is one very, very tiny refrigerator in the lobby. This fridge is best reserved for dairy, meat and condiments.

The lobby is quite cool and will preserve hardy fruits and vegetables without refrigeration. Alternately, boxes can be kept close to the window in the kitchen to keep food cool.       

There is a sauna with a bucket shower.                                                                    

There are 2 outhouse stalls, please remember to bring an emergency roll of toilet paper. 

There is one tiny private bedroom which should be allocated to the loudest snorer.          

The hut is bright, comfortable and spacious but it lacks drying space. Please label your clothes, especially if they are black. 

Water is taken from a creek and has to be carried back to the hut. The creek is quite far away from the hut.     

Food: You are responsible for all your own meals. We encourage people to make food groups. The coordinator(s) may help organize.