Campbell Icefield

Campbell Icefield Chalet

Campbell Icefield – Intermediate to Advanced Ski Touring

This is a very comfortable lodge with individual bedrooms, separate eating and sitting areas and running water.  The lodge is located at treeline with both short and long ski tours available.  Tours include everything from tree skiing and quick moraine runs close to the hut to tours over glaciers, passes and around stunning peaks.  There is lots of tree skiing for days with low visibility.  There is terrain suitable for anyone comfortable on blue runs off-piste.  More advanced skiers can take advantage of the more challenging terrain.

Plan to stay in Golden the night before departure.                                                               

The meet up for the transfer to Campbell Icefield is at 10:00 MOUNTAIN TIME on Saturday. The staging area is located at 2847 Big Bend Highway, Donald, BC, 29 km north of Golden, BC.  Check the map on the website for the exact location.  If you start to cross the bridge you have gone too far! 

Please note that the transfer will require multiple helicopter flights (about 1 hour round trip time) so expect to spend several hours at the heliport even if there are no weather issues. There is a wood heated hut and outhouse at the staging area.         

The return flight is Saturday morning and if all goes well you should be at the staging area around noon.

There is always a possibility that the helicopter will be unable to fly so you may need to spend an extra night in Golden or at the chalet.  

Information about the hut:

The kitchen is well equipped with; note that the knives are not always sharp.  There is running cold water.                           

The outer room is used as a freezer but is usually not cold enough for ice cream.  There is another room with ample shelving for storage of cold and dry food.          

There is a sauna with a bucket shower.

There is an indoor toilet for liquids only and 4 outhouse stalls. 

There is a large drying room with pegs for mitts and socks, hangers, and a boot dryer (multiple pipes connected to a blower).                                                                   

Food:   Breakfast and lunch are on your own; dinners are group meals.  Everyone will be assigned their days to cook and wash up.  The coordinator will organize group supplies such tea, coffee, cleaning supplies and toilet paper.        

Radios:  Bring VHF radios if you have them.