Ausulkan Hut

Asulkan Cabin – Intermediate to advanced ski touring trip    

The trip: You will arrive at the Illecillewaet parking lot Friday morning and travel as a group up to the hut (no exceptions). The trip coordinator will determine the meeting time on Friday morning.

Approach: Strenuous, Approximately 7 km and 900 meters elevation gain. You must be able to do kick turns with a full pack. Be aware that the skin track gets more arduous the closer we get to the cabin. Once we gain the tree triangle, the skin track can be quite steep, expect to have to do some gymnastics moves at times to turn corners. Once above the tree triangle, we have to travel over alpine terrain to reach the hut. This terrain can be wind scoured rendering the track firm and icy. Visibility can also be an issue. Expect 4 to 6 hours from the parking lot to the cabin.

If you have never been to the Asulkan Cabin before, it is recommended that you weigh your pack and keep the weight to less than 25lbs. If you are not used to skiing uphill and downhill with a heavy multi-day pack, take the time to practice before the trip.

Depending on the weather and avalanche conditions you will explore different areas around the Asulkan Cabin both Saturday and Sunday, returning to the parking lot Sunday afternoon.                  

Objectives will be discussed the evening before and the morning of, and decisions will me made based on the strength of the participants and the conditions.

The links below are good resources for possible objectives. Please take the time to do some research about the area prior to the trip so you can propose objectives based on your fitness and experience.

For this trip you will also require a Discovery Pass and an overnight parking permit:

Food: You are responsible for all your own meals. We encourage people to make food groups as the cooking facilities at Asulkan Cabin are limited. The coordinator(s) may help organize.        

Cabin facilities: The cabin has a well equipped kitchen with 2 x 2 ring hot plates and a sink. You do not need to bring any kitchen equipment with you. The cabin is heated by a propane stove and is nicely set up do dry clothes. Be aware that it can take several hours to heat up the cabin. Water is from melted snow.

Information about the cabin: