Sport Climbing Gear List

Climbing Gear Basics
Hardware quantities will depend on your route-Rope and rope bag
-Belay/rappel device with belay carabiner
-Personal anchor system
-Slings or anchor setup
-locking carabiners
-nonlocking carabiners
-Chalk and chalk bag
-Climbing shoes
-Route description or guidebook
-Day pack

Personal Gear
-Belay/rappel gloves or tape
-Sunscreen and lip balm
-First-aid kit
-Snacks / Lunch
-Clothes to climb in (wicking t-shirt, shorts, pants or tights)
-Insulating layers (mid-layer or hoody, jacket, toque)
-Rain jacket
-Approach shoes
-Stick clip
-Belay glasses

Other Gear
-trowel and toilet paper
-insect repellent
-hand sanitizer
-bandanna or buff
-bag for collecting trash
-notepad and pencil