[ACC Okanagan] ACC Okanagan Summer Camp - Important Date Change

kevin john witzke kevinwitzke at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 6 22:26:42 PDT 2014

Hi there!
Registration for the ACC Okanagan Summer Camp has been "lighter" than expected and there are plenty of the 30 beds yet to be filled.  In order to keep the costs under $300 for participants, we will drop the Thursday Aug 28 night.  The Wheeler Hut Camp and all its associated good times will begin Friday Aug 29 and wrap up Monday Sept 1 (as originally planned). 
It remains fully catered and fully a good time and there are.  Come join us for a great Rogers Pass Mountain Extravaganza!
Please contact Kevin or Mark to register.
kevinwitzke at hotmail.commscorah@shaw.ca

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