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  • Always notify the contact person ahead of time if you wish to go on a trip!
  • For trips involving helicopter costs, hut bookings, and other cost items, please take note of the Okanagan Section Booking and Cancellation Policy.

Trip Ratings

A letter rating from A to C indicates how strenuous the trip is and how long a day to expect.
  • A---easy, moderate elevation gain, short days (less than 6 hours), blue runs in winter, trails and off-trail scrambling in summer
  • B---moderately strenuous, substantial elevation gain, full days (6-10 hours), blue to black runs in winter, scrambling and moderate technical climbing in summer
  • C---very strenuous, much elevation gain, technical terrain with route finding challenges, very long days or multi-day trips, black runs in winter, glacier travel, technical climbing in summer.

A numerical rating from 1 to 5 may be given to indicate technical difficulty.

Guidelines for Trip Participants

  • Any participant in activities sponsored by The Alpine Club of Canada is required to sign the Release of Liability, Waiver of All Possible Claims, and Assumption of Risk ("the Release"). More waiver information is available here.
  • Sign up for trips that will challenge you, but are not beyond your abilities. If unsure, ask the trip leader and tell them your experience and fitness level. People inexperienced in the mountains should start with easier trips.
  • Learn about the trip before you go (which route, number of kilometres, amount of vertical gain / loss, type of terrain, length of day, etc).
  • Ensure that you have the correct equipment and that it is in good repair.
  • Share expenses and be prepared to help carry a part of the "group gear" (ropes, etc.)