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ACC Thunderbay Ice Climbing Invitation

29 Oct 2009

Sent: October 28, 2009 9:54 PM
To: ACC Sections
Subject: Invitational Weekend

Hello All,

My name is Wes Bender and I am the section Vice Chair/Web Director for the Thunder Bay Section of the ACC. This year I volunteered to organize our section's Invitational Ice Climbing Weekend here in Thunder Bay. For those who have not participated in this event in the past, we would be thrilled to entertain you for a fun weekend of climbing and socializing. And of course past participants are also welcome. Here's how it works - you find you way to and from Thunder Bay and we take care of the rest. We will pick you up at the airport and make sure you do not miss your flight home at the end. We will have billets set up to house everyone for the weekend. We normally set up our climbing at one large venue where we can usually get 5 top ropes in operation. On Saturday evening we host a meal/slide show where we usually make fun of our section rep, Frank Pianka. HA! You'll never find anyone that can laugh harder at his own follies than Frank. I will get more in depth with details in the formal invitation, once the dates have been finalized.

This initial email is sent out as a feeler and to give you some choice in setting the date. We normally run this event in February, so if you can get back to me with your preferred dates, in February, we will then formalize the invitation and have it out to everyone by late November so we will have an idea of how many participants to plan for.

The next round of email will be in late Nov. or early Dec. to start getting an idea on numbers of participants.