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Rock Climbing and Mountaineering Exhibit at the Kelowna Museum

1 Jun 2009

If you haven't seen the rock climbing/mountaineering exhibit at our own Kelowna Museum, add it to your Summer To Do list. Featuring local Okanagan climbers, black/white mountaineering photo gallery, bouldering and climbing videos and slide show. Whether you are a Monashee Gneiss rock hound, an equipment geek (check out the old fashioned ice screws), an art buff or a kid who wants to play (there IS a climbing wall), this exhibit is worth a perusal to appreciate the enthusiastic bunch of organizers from our own community.

For more info:
Address is downtown Kelowna, 750 Queensway, park on Ellis beside the arena and walk to the museum.
Time: Monday to Friday 10am-5pm. Saturday 10am-4pm
Price: By donation..don't forget.