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Did you know that the club has a rescue sled?

18 Nov 2008

For those of you who missed the unveiling last winter at a Tuesday night social, the section purchased a rescue sled for the club. Moving an injured skier in the backcountry is never easy and if you don't have a workable sled you will probably regret it. The Rescue Bubble was purchased to provide backcountry users in the club with an option for self-rescue. The following link provides all the details about the sled and includes a review which was published in the CAA's magazine. This review was the impetus to seek out acquiring this sled after one of our members was involved in moving an injured skier a relatively short distance for helicopter pick-up. The sled was used once last season by a group on the Wapta traverse. It is easy to pack and so lightweight that even when Trent passed out 20kgs of cooked pasta as group gear on day 1, there was no consideration of ditching the sled!

Presently it is stored at Ron Berlie's 250 767 3405. It will soon be moved to the gear meister.

Ron Berlie