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Skaha access update

10 Mar 2008
Access to Skaha Bluffs remains a hot topic for this season. As you all know, the purchase of Sublot (SL) 18 was a success; however; that was only the first phase of the access issue. The following remains to be resolved:

1. Legal access across a right of way to SL 18 - TLC is negotiating with the land owner and we are anxioulsy awaiting an outcome;
2. Legal access may not be in place for the Easter long weekend;
3. The road to SL 18 will be upgraded (under construction) this year with a parking lot developed simultaneoulsy - slated for completion in October or November;
4. Should legal access be granted, everyone can expect to have to walk from, most likely, the end of Smythe road. The trail is likely to be flagged
5. Access through the North end remains across private property; and
6. Hugh Dunlop has categorically denied access even after an appeal from the mayor

That's all we have for you right now, it could save much consternation if we encourage folks from elsewhere to avoid Skaha for at least the Easter weekend to allow negotiations to proceed without aggravating the current owner of the right of way.

Drew Fullerton ddfullerton AT shaw DOT ca