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  • Artists of the Rockies by Jane Gooch
  • Ways to the Sky by Andy Selters
  • Every Other Day by RW Sandford
  • A Tale of Two Passes by William Putnam
  • Avalanches and Snow Safety by Colin Fraser
  • Bugaboos Rock--A Climbing Guide by Randall Green and Joe Benson
  • The Bugaboos by Chris Atkinson and Marc Piche
  • The Complete Rock Climber by Malcolm Creasy
  • Extreme Rock and Ice: 25 of the World's Great Climbs by Garth Hattingh
  • Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue by Andy Selters
  • The Guiding Spirit by Andrew J. Kauffman and William L. Putnam
  • How to Ice Climb by Falcon Guide
  • In the Shadow of Denali by Jonathan Waterman
  • Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer
  • Medicine for Mountaineering by The Mountaineers
  • Squamish Select by Randall Green and Joe Benson

Books from the ACC Summit Series

  • The Highest Calling by RW Sandford (2 copies)
  • King of the Spiral Road by Hans Schwarz (2 copies)
  • The Remarkable Life of Sharon Wood by Lynn Martel (2 copies)
  • Beyond the Hills by RW Sandford (2 copies)
  • Expedition Yukon by RW Sandford
  • Route Finding by Lynn Martel (2 copies)
  • Strengths Revealed by RW Sandford
  • Once Upon a Mountain by RW Sandford (2 copies)
  • Among the Great Hills by RW Sandford (2 copies)
  • A Family for the Outfit by Zac Robinson
  • High Ideals by RW Sandford


  • Karabiner '96 by KMC
  • Kootenay Mountaineer Newsletter Issue 3 and Issue 6


  • NTS Sheet 82K/10 Howser Creek
  • NTS Sheet 82K/15 Bugaboo Creek