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Sugar Mountain - April 20-22

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  • Started 1 year ago by rwaring
  1. rwaring

    The plan is to head up past the base of Sugar Mountain (north of Cherryville) Friday evening, camp where we hit snow, then head up the mountain in the morning. The grades will be pretty mild as we plan to follow the road up and camp on top where there's a restored fire lookout. If we have to start down near Sugar Lake because there's still lots of snow, the trip could be as much as 20km in and 1800m up, but will likely be quite a bit less. So far there's 3 of us (myself, brother and sister). The trip will be more about getting out, getting some exercise and having a night out somewhere interesting than seeking ski runs as we're all pretty new to backcountry touring and will be making conservative terrain choices.
    Message if interested!

    Someone's pic's of the same area on snowshoes later in the season:

    Posted 1 year ago #

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