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Mt English 2017

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  • Started 1 year ago by kevin witzke


  1. kevin witzke

    Where were you around 1130 Sunday June 18? A brave handful of Fathers* took a few hours out of their Father's Day Festivities to hump up to the summit of Mt English. Supporting the men were four uber-competent women. And coaxing the women? Barley.

    This years event had the largest turnout ever with 18. We arrived pretty much on time at the south end of 3VG at the Wap Creek FSR turnoff. Ironically, it was Patrick from Revelstoke travelling the shortest drive - 20km - who arrived last. But he did get there at the prescribed time, everyone else was early. The convoy of about 8 vehicles arrived at the usual campsite (~1620m) at the end of the logging road cul-de-sac (some temporarily route-challenged) and set up for the night. Some folks slept in tents, others in their vehicles.

    Henry and John brought chainsaws so there was no shortage of fuel for the campfire. Meals, beverages and humourous chit-chat filled the evening which was relatively "rain-free", only a few spits. While most folks were in tents and drifting off by 11, Henry's fire kept snap, crackle and popping for another hour.

    The sun rose around 4:30 with campers (and dog) rising at 6:00. Randall and Jeff arrived from Kelowna just after breakfast but right on time to make the 7:30 departure. Learning from past Mt English excursions, we found a great established trail on the north side of the valley up to the lake. This trail shaves 30 min of the bushwhacking we did a few years ago. Nice to be able to learn something.

    This years route skirted through the rock field north of the lake and saves dropping 50m (to ~1810m). Lars used his routefinding skills (bushwhacking) to guide us through a few hundred metres of snowy forest to pop out in the meadow around 8:45(amazingly only a few metres from two years ago where Marianne had dropped her ice-axe) (~1950m).

    While a large group, it moved surprising briskly across the snow covered meadow. Bryce even strapped on his boards a few times. Howard and Les slipped into snowshoes too but had to shed them as we started the steep zig-zag ascent to the col (~2400m) arriving at around 10:20.

    Oddly after travelling across the meadow in snow, the ridge climb to the summit was essentially snow free. We all managed to summit between 11:15ish and 11:45ish. It was quite cool and windy at the top (~ 2680m) and views were minimal (none). Celebrations and photo ops ensued including selfies and photos with Barley the dog (great climb buddy!). I even used the mobile phone to take family Father's Day calls - thanks Telus!

    Soon after 12:00 with the cold wind relentless, we headed down to the col. Some clouds lifted and we could see 3VG lake for a while. Glissading down from the col is always a great part of the descent and speeds were generous this outing.

    We all returned safely to the camp between 2:00 and 2:30. Howard and Les reported grizzly prints and Henry a genuine grizzly. A lot of bug spray and a few beverages were consumed as the camp was knocked down. I expect most of the gang was home by 6 or 7.

    Thanks to John, Dave, Alex, Kim, Meredith (Barley), Henry, Jeff, Randall, Tereza, Bryce, Patrick, Lars, Howard, Les, Rob, Jim and Cathy for a great weekend. KevinmanyxEnglish.

    *Some were not fathers....perhaps future fathers.

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