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Mt Frosty 2015

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  • Started 3 years ago by kevin witzke


  1. kevin witzke

    The forecast said the Friday rains would end by Saturday morning so we said, "Go!" and met at the SaveOn Parking lot at 6am Oct 3. Mark, James and Jeff met me at the lot and we jumped into my VW and were on the road at 6:10. There was a thick band of fog at the summit as there usually is on the connector, even patches of snow!

    We turned left at Aspen Grove and right at Princeton and arrive at 8:55 at Lightning Lakes. Celine from Kamloops was right on time too. It was overcast but no rain and maybe 5C. Our team of five was on the trail at 9:15 (1150m).

    The hiking was steady and busy with other tourists searching for the 2000 yr old larches and the 2408m summit. We encounter a dusting of snow around 3km and reached the 7km backcountry campsite at 11:20 (1850m). We enjoyed the friendly whisky-jacks for about 15m then continued on our way.

    We reached the larches at 8km around 12:00 and the fog/clouds had deposited snow and hoar frost on the golden needles - very cool images. The skies got even light and at 12:30 we broke through the mist and into perfectly blue sky. Now through the trees, we scrambled with dozens of others, up the lightly snow-covered talus slope to the Windy Joe junction(2300m) at 12:45. The final summit ascent along the ridge provided magnificent views of neighbouring mountain peaks over 2000m (everything below was in a blanket of cloud). We reached the summit (2408m) at 1:05 to enjoy a well-deserved lunch. 20min later we started down as more and more hikers populated the peak.

    We dropped back down into the clouds and reached Lightning Lakes at 4:30. By the time we were in at the Manning Park east gate, the skies were all blue and we'd left the clouds behind.

    It was another successful Mt Frosty scramble - surely enjoyed by all the us. See you next fall! Many thanks to Mark, James, Jeff and Celine for great company.

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