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Illecillewaet Glacier to Glacier Circle Cabin May 16-18 2015

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  1. aparker
    Site Admin

    We departed from Rogers Pass on May 16 crossed the Illecillewaet and descended via the Macoun Ramp Route to the cabin returning on the 18th via the Witch Tower route. The rail grade is still mostly snow covered. The Great Glacier trail is bare in several short stretches but we managed to ski almost continuously from the car. Coverage on the toe of the glacier is also still very good but crevasse bridges are starting to sag a little. The Ramp is still holding snow and gave an easy descent into Glacier Circle. On the Witch Tower return we took a line straight up the middle through a series of glide cracks. This was steep but fairly quick which seemed a good option given how the whole area is threatened from cornice drops etc. The cabin itself is still mostly buried but generally in good shape. If you're going bring: handsaw for firewood, scrubbies, dish soap, bleach to deal with mouse droppings. There are several litres of white gas.
    -- AP, BB, NT

    Posted 3 years ago #
  2. nickt

    Andrew forgot to mention the large chunks of debris that covered the top half of Witch Tower ascent. A lot more than you might expect looking at the remains of the cornice that had failed. Less than a week ago judging by the covered tracks. Hopefully it happened later in the day than we were there but a reminder that cornices need to be given a lot of respect at the moment.

    Posted 3 years ago #

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