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Brent Mountain Hike - June 8, 2014

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  • Started 4 years ago by jjanmaat
  1. After some last minute car pool gymnastics, we all rendezvoused at the Tim Horton’s, at the intersection of Highway 97 and Green Mountain Road in Penticton. There were six of us headed up, Sonia, Jim, Dave, Gerald, Mike and myself, John.

    The first of several challenges appeared shortly after we turned onto the aptly named ‘Shatford’ road. A portion of the road was being rebuilt, with a new, large ditch and several water bars. The vehicles made it through, but not without some scraping.

    We followed Shatford road till reaching a left fork, pretty much where the directions said to turn left. Unfortunately for us, it seemed to be a new road. We decided we were in the wrong place when the puddles threatened to engulf the vehicles.

    We next decided to follow the ‘Old’ road, so identified by a sign. Not far along and we hit another water bar. This one was severe enough to high center the lead vehicle. We were lacking shovels or a strong rope – lessons here – and ended up digging with a couple of stakes and using (and breaking) some tiedown straps in our eventually successful effort to free the truck.

    A bit farther we passed the trailhead for Sheep Rock, saw a cow moose and two calves, and finally found the Brent Mountain trailhead.

    While finding the trailhead was a bit of a challenge, the trail itself was generally well marked and easy to follow. However, we did encounter snow within the first fifteen minutes of our hike. As we climbed, we encountered ever more snow, and some areas with lots of standing water to wade through.

    We stopped for lunch about an hour and a half into the hike, in a somewhat sheltered spot with views to the east. After lunch we made our way up to the forest fire lookout on the summit. The summit was quite windy, leading us to cluster in the lea of the shelter for the obligatory time on top. We could clearly see the jagged peaks of the Cathedral Lakes Park area and the more gentle summits of Snowy Mountain and peaks in the eastern Pasayten wilderness. The snow covered north side of Sheep Rock was the most prominent local feature, with Apex Ski resort a bit further away.

    Aside from briefly loosing the trail, the trip down was largely uneventful, but for the wood grouse courtship we interrupted.

    The trip was ended with ice cream at the Sleeping Giant winery in Summerland.

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