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Mt Frosty 2013

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  • Started 5 years ago by kevin witzke


  1. kevin witzke

    There was a lot of interest in Mt Frosty this October which was a little surprising considering that snow was certainly going to be on the ground. While there was up to 50cm of the white stuff at 2000m and even more at the top, there had been several other trekkers ahead of us so the trail was in very good condition.

    We had no idea exactly where the snow line began when we left Kelowna at 0615 Saturday October 5th. Doug, Ken, John, Sue and I headed out into the dark en route to our rendezvous with Sid, and Karen from Penticton, Lars and Marianne from Vernon and Ben and Shawna at the Manning Park Lodge at 0900. The roads were great and the wet, snowy weather that had earlier this week blanketed the Cascades, was nowhere to be seen on the drive.

    We arrived around 0915 at the lodge, re-acquainted and immediately drove to the trailhead at the Lightning Lakes day-use parking lot. It was about 0945 when we crossed the dam and started up the Mt Frosty trail. There was no snow at all at the lake but there was plenty of it evident above us. The temperature was a pleasant 3-4C.

    Ken was very accurate in his predictions, beta and forecast. The snow-pillow data that he monitors indicated at least 40cm had accumulated at 2000m during the previous week and even though the daytime temperatures were at least 5-10C, the snow only consolidates 1-2cm per day. So as anticipated, after an hour or so we were walking in a narrow path through 30cm of snow.

    The Mt Frosty trail is a gentle grade, but it’s a long one. At 9km, we arrived at the Larch Meadows where the trees are 2000 years old. The grove grows at about 2000m and was magnificent in white. The Alpine Larch trees are deciduous conifers and turn brilliant yellow and gold in the fall before shedding their needles for the winter.
    It was 1350 when we arrived at the top end of the meadow, below the scramble to Windy Joe and the east peak of Frosty. We had travelled 10km and likely needed another 1-2h to summit. With a daylight descent on our minds we decided we had reached our destination and enjoyed lunch in the sun.

    Our descent was fun with many choosing to bust new turns through the knee deep powder (?) We were back at the parking lot around 1715, about 7.5h since our departure. It had been a great day and lot of fun. Next year, Part 2 - The Summit of Frosty!

    Thanks to all,


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