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Kokanee Glacier Cabin Jan 18-25 2014 SHORT NOTICE!

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  1. aparker
    Site Admin

    The ACC Okanagan section has received a short notice option to book the Kokanee Glacier cabin for Jan 18-25 2014. This would be a self-guided, self-catered trip for a group of 12 experienced backcountry skiers. The base price per person would be $925 plus individual portion of group food.

    It is extremely difficult to book this cabin and this is a very rare opportunity.

    However, to make this trip fly, the Okanagan Section requires firm commitments & non-refundable cash deposits of $250 per person; now.

    It also requires a core group of 2-3 volunteer leaders who are skilled in glacier skiing & navigation through complex terrain.

    If this trip sounds like its for you, please contact Brenda prior to June 25th 2013.

    Keep in mind that the Section will also be running a 4-day, 5-night; self-guided/self-catered ski camp in Wells Gray next winter; Feb 14-18 2014.

    Posted on behalf of Ken Little and Brenda.

    Contact Brenda at

    Posted 5 years ago #
  2. aparker
    Site Admin

    There has been a 1 week extension from the ACC so we have the following changes (already made in the preceding post):

    Express interest by: June 25th

    Express interest to Brenda:

    Posted 5 years ago #

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